How do I say it?

OHHI is pronounced like, “Oh, Hi!”. It’s low key and casual like us. We are here with all the tasty, fresh and satisfying nutrition you need and none of the pretense or industry pressure to “cleanse”. 


How it works

Everything we make is 100% plant based and vegan!

Rotating Menu

We make a weekly rotating and changing menu of delicious, satisfying, plant forward dishes from around the world.

Choose Your Plan

Order the whole menu and you get two individually packaged portions of each item for your weekly meal prep! You can save time, money, and try new flavors. Or order a la carte the things you like best.

Delivery Options

The new menu drops on Friday morning for delivery or pick up the following week on Tuesday. If you only want a few things to try you can come pick them up from our Northeast Austin kitchen.

Where to find us

Grab your food from one of our fridges!
More locations to come.

The Maha Project
2003 S Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704

Ohhi Plant Based
1300 E Anderson Ln
Building D, Ste. 1013
Austin, TX 78752